Noxcrew would like to proudly present you with Terra Swoop Force!
An arcade adventure map made for Minecraft 1.9 (Now updated to 1.11)!

You are a member of a special task force that has been hired by Geo Descent Labs. Your mission is to to discover what happened to the Terra Scooper bore-drill and it's crew when it mysteriously vanished once it hit the core of the earth!

You'll have to glide down to the centre of the earth using the lab's new technology: The Thermal Flight Armor 1541 (Attached with the Minecraft 1.9 Elytras!) But of course, gliding downwards at insanely fast speeds isn't as easy as it sounds... So, are you tough enough? Can you handle the speed? Then enlist to the Terra Swoop Force today!​


  • Play on Minecraft Version 1.11 (Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!)
  • All music is created by Noxcrew and is completely royalty free, meaning you’re completely safe when recording videos!
  • Just read all the information supplied with the download of the map and you'll be set to play!
  • The map is completely Vanilla, no mods are required!
  • The map will provide you with around 30-60 minutes of gameplay, perhaps beyond depending on your skill level and how much of the extra bits you want to complete!
  • Made for 1-10 players






Map Created by:
Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite
Avondale: https://twitter.com/avondale1718

Writing & Sounds by:
Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite

Redstone by:
Avondale1718: https://twitter.com/avondale1718

Music By:
Isaac Wilkins (Epic Landlord): https://twitter.com/EpicLandlord

Graphics, 3D Models & Textures By:
Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_
Arsenic: https://twitter.com/ArsenicShark

Builds By:
E_Mouse: https://twitter.com/e__mouse
TheMCFarmer: https://twitter.com/TheMCfarmer
Thonax: https://twitter.com/RealThonax
Snugglez: https://twitter.com/MasterProbeats
Madraver: https://twitter.com/TheAwesomeBowey
Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_
Vaxuite: https://twitter.com/Vaxuite
Arsenic: https://twitter.com/ArsenicShark
Gregan: https://twitter.com/Gregan25
Jammy: https://twitter.com/jamster338
Hyrron: https://twitter.com/Hyrron
Grace: https://twitter.com/OCGraceRL

Voice Acting By:
GDL Announcements Voice - Adoxographist: https://twitter.com/AdoxTalks

Ely (TFA-1541) Voice - LaurenJuliet: https://twitter.com/KGLaurenJuliet

Sasha (The Receptionist) - Zaepora: https://twitter.com/ChristasCraft

Barney (Lost Crew Member) - xILubez: https://twitter.com/xILubez

Alan Columbus - Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite

Random Scientists: Noxite, Avondale1718 & ArsenicShark

Big Thank you to our Community Moderators:
Noctis_Mori: https://twitter.com/Noctis_Mori
The_NeonGhost: https://twitter.com/The_NeonGhost
Burning: https://twitter.com/BurningT_

Also thanks to Mewulf, our Server tech:
Mewulf: https://twitter.com/mewulf

It's been a while since the sound of the humble Board Game made its way though the Noxsquad's halls. The sound of rolling dice, the shuffle of cards...
The many expletives as you get given a +4 card in Uno (We've all been there)

Grab your Cheetos and Mountain Dew...

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's game Night is....

Who's Invited?
Everyone is Invited!

When is it?

17th February 2017, 8PM GMT

Join us for a night of insanity, innuendo and Noxcrew Overlord bashing.

Join us for...

Jackbox Party Pack

Who's invited?

Everyone is invited!

When is it?

10th February 2017 8pm GMT

Where do I join?
The Noxcrew TeamSpeak server: voice.noxcrew.com
Confused? Here's a guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 and join the voice comm server, it's easy!: LINK
Game server IP will be shared on the night with the...

This week, we're playing a game you've all been begging to play. One of high-jinx and excitement. Of fast pace action and danger.


So don't worry guys, The cavalry's here for: